Club Kilsyth & Club Ringwood – For The Local Community

Club Kilsyth & Club Ringwood are proud of the legacy we have established as active participants in the local community over many years.
As ‘not for profit’ community social clubs, Club Kilsyth & Club Ringwood, continue to provide support to other community based clubs, organizations and individuals in the local community. Some of these organizations include:
• Kilsyth Basketball
• Bayswater Cricket Club
• Boronia Cricket Club
• Park Orchards Junior Football Club
• Maroondah Hospital
• Norwood Junior Football Club
• Rotary
• Lions
• Variety Club
• Schools (Need names)
• ASD teens
• Other
• Other

If you believe that Club Kilsyth & Club Ringwood can assist you, from Meal Vouchers for fundraising to a formal sponsorship agreement – please let us know via

Note: Please allow 30 days for us to evaluate Meal Voucher requests for fundraising and 60 days for any formal sponsorship agreement requests